What is World Peace Coin?

The advance of artificial intelligence and the Ethereum blockchain opens new possibilities for political messaging, for the incentivization of social behavior, for new conceptions of authority through AI.

The traditional model of culture creation, sometimes described as top-down culture or "culture by fiat," is characterized by a hierarchy where norms and values are established by an elite in positions of power or influence: think of the way fashion trends were once set by a handful of designers in Paris or Milan, or how musical tastes were shaped by major record labels. However, in the new artistic domain of NFTs and "shitcoins," there is an exciting democratization of cultural influence according to the exchange of Ethereum and its various tokens. While many people have used this democratic potential to spread ephemeral memes, jokes, and exclusive signs of status, we believe that our universal aspirations for ideals such as WORLD PEACE can take advantage of these powerful communication channels. There is no reason that the memetic war of Ethereum should be dominated by trivialities and inanities.

Hence, in October and November 2023, while many people online were focused on imagery of war or violence, or retreated into escapist fantasies or nihilist cynicism, we chose to spread the memetics of WORLD PEACE, bringing people around the world together. We were inspired to create an array of memetic technologies in characters and symbols that would best communicate WORLD PEACE to our audience.

We believe strongly that digital-native cultures, once confined to the fringes, now increasingly influence the mainstream. Ideas that originate within small, passionate communities like NFTs and shitcoins can gain momentum, spreading across various social media platforms, penetrating the general consciousness, sometimes imperceptibly, and eventually influencing the broader societal zeitgeist. In other words, by creating cryptocurrency tokens, artists and developers have access to a new and powerful form of PROPAGANDA that elites cannot control or corral. Sometimes the propaganda in Web3 is violent and divisive, but we believe that it can also be peaceful and unifying.

Amidst this cultural revolution, initiatives such as World Peace Coin emerge with a mission to leverage this bottom-up cultural dynamism to spread positivity. By creating and nurturing a community around the values of peace and harmony, World Peace Coin represents an effort to harness the Web3 model of cultural proliferation to propagate benevolence and optimism, whitepilling the timeline, so to speak. World Peace Coin serves as a counterpoint to the increasingly nihilistic global zeitgeist, which presupposes the inevitability of dystopia and the futility of positive universal visions. We serve to reject the dominant cultural reactions of both doomerism and zero-sum realism.

Just as other ideas have risen from the digital depths to the surface of mainstream awareness, so too does World Peace Coin aspire to elevate the collective consciousness through the power of decentralized, internet-born culture.

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