🖼️Fijis NFTs

About the NFT collection by @iamnick44 and @juicyunlimited

In November 2023, the World Peace Coin project worked with some of the most innovative AI artists in NFT to make a collection called "Fijis," which was based on some of the imagery already produced by the World Peace Coin project. In essence, we perceive them as PROPAGANDA for WORLD PEACE.

  • Total Number: 3,333 unique FIJI NFTs were minted.

  • Early Mint Access: Holders of $WPC tokens were granted early access to mint these NFTs, ensuring that early holders were enthusiastic about the cause.

  • Public Mint Status: The public minting phase for these NFTs has successfully concluded.

  • Unique AI-Generated Art: Each NFT is a one-of-a-kind creation, generated by AI, without predefined traits or rarity levels. At the time of their minting, they were unique in NFTs due to their high resolution of 2048x2048.

  • Future Integration Plans: We aim to pursue further integration between the Fiji NFTs and the World Peace Coin token or related protocols, enhancing their utility and significance within the ecosystem.

Check out the collection on OpenSea or Blur.

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